Friday, April 12, 2013

Invitation to Talbot County Maryland Horse People!

Happy Spring!

I invite any of Talbot County horse people - whether barn owners, horse owners, riders, or general horse enthusiasts - to send along to me any announcements about local events and happenings in our county. Also please let us know about any legal or political concerns which affect horses and horse ownership in our area. You can follow these announcements by email by signing up in the right-hand column.

Country Comfort Farm just west of St. Michaels, Maryland is concluding their 4-show Winter Series tomorrow April 13th. We will be bringing my kids' new pony Belle Nuit. The season is gearing up and we have shows or other equestrian events penciled in on our calendar nearly every upcoming weekend.

See you at the shows!

Nancy Toby
St. Michaels, Maryland

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Welcome to the Maryland Horse Council's Open Forum for Talbot County residents.  We'll be using this space to update you on happenings in your county.  Feel free to post here in the comments section or e-mail your county representative Nancy Toby ( with any important news.